2013: It was a very good year!

2013: It was a very good year!

We are on “furlough” in the U.S. and are available for ministry during your fast, retreat, seminar after the first of the year.
• Carl ministered in churches and several seminars with pastors’ associations.
• We were able to provide Fuente de Vida church with a computer and Pastor Ernesto Talé with a motor bike.
• Additionally, 100 toothbrushes were given to children in San Lucas Tolimán. We also contributed to a vacation-time outing for elementary school students to visit the national zoo in the capital, Guatemala City, and receive a kid’s meal from the chicken food chain Pollo Campero.
*In January, for the beginning of the school year, we distributed school supply packets to those regularly attending the Fuente de Vida church.
• Carl wrote a manual for pastors on the book of I Timothy which he taught throughout 2012. This study resource has already been printed and gotten into the hands of many rural pastors for training and as a ministry aid. We are working to make much-needed materials available for ministers by equipping them with tools such as this.
• We organized children’s services in Palestina, San Juan Ostuncalco and San Lucas Tolimán where participants received toys, candy, and a typical food snack as well as their Bible lesson.
• Multilingual meditations are posted daily to Facebook as well as a weekly prayer list which includes a country to pray for every day and important events and issues that pop into the news that week. Please take a look and “LIKE” the ministry page! http://www.facebook.com/#!/FundacionEfrain.fanpage.
After returning stateside last year, I have been busy editing Christian material. I was able to publish the manual Carl wrote. I Timothy: Letter to a Young Pastor is now available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.com. It is published there in Spanish as well under the title I Timoteo: Carta a un Pastor Joven. Afterwards I worked on a book written by an Ohio pastor that will soon be for sale as well! I just recently added to other works of my husband’s: 55 Days on the Road of Discipleship and Answering Your Questions on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. All of these can be found on worldwide Amazon sites such as in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, India. 21 Days Seeking the Lord currently available.
Visit Amazon’s Carl DiVirgilio Page http://www.amazon.com/author/books.ctdivirgilio


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