Sendas Antiguas ~ Yearning for the old ways

When I was living in Belgium, there was a song popular with the Spanish church about returning to the old days of youthful Christianity. I, however, could not identify with; I was living the Spirit moving as in my younger years. I experienced the daily challenge of the Holy Spirit in my life and sensed the strength of that powerful Presence in my worship and time with God. And try as I might to tease their appetites for the deeper things of the Lord and the subsequent disciplined lifestyle this produces, I became jaded at the results…or should I say lack thereof?

Now that I’ve returned to the United States and been here for a while, I lament the state of the modern day church even as Jeremiah did. How could it be so satiated with other things, so self-satisfied, so distracted from the things of God and uninterested in the movement of His Spirit? How could things have changed, deteriorated so much from the “old days” I remembered?

My “Christian” surroundings confirmed that there is indeed nothing new under the sun! God’s Word reminds us of divided hearts in the Old Testament, a shadow and type, lessons for today. His people drifted from Him, serving foreign Gods and living compromised lives.

But, there was always the remnant of the fervent few as a testimony in the midst of God’s corrupt people to convict them of their waywardness and draw them back to the Living God. Another song resounds from within from those early days: No Compromise!


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