Who’d want to listen to what I have to say?

THAT’S A LIE! Don’t buy into it.

As a young Christian I was really excited about the things of the Lord, what He was doing in my life. One of the leaders in the church said I JUST wanted attention. Soon after I became involved in a Christian coffeehouse where the Lord began using me in some of the gifts. I even saw some awesome visions! The person in charge there shut me down after a different leader at my church made a comment to him about me. At age 19 I told Pastor X that I felt led to become a MISSIONARY. His response was that lots of Christians “felt” that way at one time or other. My husband even told me that I was not a minister and the only reason I was anything was because of him.

The ministries I’ve founded or established have not been recognized. My giftings in leading worship, teaching, and exhortation are not acknowledged. SO, why at this juncture would I dare to share what I have on my heart? Because the Lord says it’s time to write. If He’s saying to go for it, that must mean He has something for me to say.

The Bible says the hoary (gray) head is a sign of wisdom!


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