On the road of healing

My study of the Lord my Shepherd, Jehova Roi, this week led me to a verse in Psalm 23 that ministered to me profoundly. Thou shalt not fear for I am with you. My rod and my staff COMFORT you.

Today as I was preparing for my first chemo session, the emphasis switched from the role of shepherd to that of the Lamb. Tears rolled as I saw in Isaiah 53 what He did for me and the covenant He has with His people, with me.

Arriving at the cancer center for our 8:30 a.m. appointment, we registered at the doctor’s office. After a few preliminaries like taking my vital signs and preparing my file for the next phase, we were sent down to the infusion room.

The nurse assigned to care for me asked a few questions, oriented us to the procedure, then led us to the station where I would be spending the next three and a half hours. About 10:00a.m. the IV was started with a saline solution for hydration and something to prevent nausea. Next came benedryl, then a steroid while the pharmacy readied the first of two medications to be received that day.

We were alerted to some side effects to watch for in the first ten minutes or so of the drip, but none showed up! I did experience some restless leg syndrome in the leg without clotting caused by the benedryl. I was quite drowsy, but not enough to sleep. That bag of medication took an hour to empty.

After the pharmacy sent up the second medication, I did sleep for most of the remaining time. Actually, it appeared that the majority there were doing the same thing. I commented that it seemed like naptime in the daycare. This bag also lasted an hour in the IV. We were allowed to go home immediately.
I spent the afternoon in the recovery room at home (my living room) with my daughter who had a few wisdom teeth extracted today. I’ve continued to have a good appetite and no symptoms,
More to follow.

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