symptoms☆physical condition

Up until Jan. 3, I was the picture of health: no meds, good diet, regular exercise. In fact, the doctor who admitted me to the hospital couldn’t believe how good I was feeling. So what happened?

My leg swelled up like a balloon. The family’s doctor immediately suspected a blood clot and sent me directly to a lab for an ultrasound. From there I was sent to the emergency room and admitted- 24 hours of pushing, prodding, blood tests, vital signs- in short, no sleep.

But, that very first day the ob-gyn/oncologist who is now in charge of my treatment gave us a pretty accurate picture of the road we’d be traveling for several months. Chemotherapy while the condition in my leg stabilized.

There were some crossed signals about what blood thinner for me to take once home, 2.5 liters of fluid drained from my lung, ct scans and ultrasounds, a biopsy…nine days in all.
◇the situation here at home:

My mobility is limited since my balance is not stable nor can I walk very far. I need to be seated and keep the clotted leg elevated and extended. It’s a blessing that someone could lend us a wheelchair for when I need to go out of the house. Bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bath all on first floor! “Conveniently,” we have a shower stall not a bathtub and the use of a bath chair, so I can shower sitting down.

I do breathing exercises to help my lung expand to 100% and am starting to work on rebuilding lost muscle mass. One benefit of that leg being so swollen is that I don’t get carried away by how good I feel some days and try to do too much.

I can’t help but marvel at the complexity of our human bodies. Although it will take several months to dissipate, these blood clots will break down and the residue cleaned up by the body’s “sanitation engineers,” the white blood cells.
*condition updates to follow*

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