hey guys_we won!

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Jesus triumphed openly over Satan. He’s sitting at the right hand of the Father ruling and reigning over the creation He bought from the enemy. He took back ownership of this world. We’re under His authority now!
Think of any governmental authority today. Does North Korea tolerate anyone infringing on its territory? Would the United States turn a blind eye to Russian submarines trespassing in our coastal waters?
Jesus is wearing the victor’s crown. As Supreme Potentate, our Lord and King does not allow the devil to run rampant. He does not have carte blanche in our lives. In the garden of Eden God gave Adam authority and dominion to name the animals. Under the Old Covenant, God’s people were to be the head and not the tale. TODAY, we have the name above every name, Jesus! God expects us to exercise the authority He’s given us on the earth.
Isa. 61:1-3, setting the captives free. Mk.16:18, lay hands on the sick.
▪These signs shall follow them that BELIEVE.
▪The Lord confirming the word with signs following.
▪Having done all to stand…


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