status quo

What does that mean to you? Going along with things as they are?
Wikipedia credits Clark Kerr with saying, “The status quo is the only solution that cannot be vetoed” and explains him to mean “that the status quo cannot simply be decided against; action must be taken if it is to change.” The law of inertia reinforces this principle well. It’s easier to redirect a moving object than to get an inert object to moving.
As Christians, it is easier to keep up what we are (or aren’t) doing than to change. We are charged with impacting our environment by being salt and light. The really neat thing is that God uses our own personality and creativity to do it! People who thought the only way to evangelize was to pass out tracts used to frustrate Me. Don’t misunderstand me. Tracts are a proven, effective way to leave the Word of God with someone if they receive it. However, nine times out of ten, when you invade a person’s personal space they’ll throw it out or just plain refuse to accept it.
It’s hard for us to overcome inertia on our own. Evangelize is such an intimidating word. In the Gospels, I observed how many times it said that Jesus was moved with compassion before He acted. It is often expressed that He groaned within Himself. When we see their need through God’s eyes we can overcome our timidity or prejudice to touch their lives the way God would.
Status quo is actually a latin phrase that means existing state of affairs. How is our “state of affairs?”
First, and VERY importantly, medical coverage has been arranged for the cost of my treatment, including charges going back to January 5 when I was admitted to St. John through the emergency room.
This morning we went to the cancer center as scheduled for chemotherapy. In just two sessions, we’ve already learned that this is not business as usual; there are SO many variables. I did find it necessary to order my thoughts and calm anxiousness last night. I also chose a battle scripture to have ready on hand.
There was a milder reaction; a throbbing in my lower back that increased and radiated into my legs. So, we’ve scratched that plan and moved to Plan B. I’m scheduled to be admitted to do a full cycle of chemo over a 24 hour period on Feb. 26. If all goes well, another session is planned for 3 weeks after.


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