Signs, Symptoms, Side effects…Preventatives

I don’t usually talk about or draw attention to symptoms or any difficulties I might be having, but this experience has given me insight into what others have gone through that I was not aware of before. The knowledge equips me to be more helpful. My hope is to help you benefit in someone else’s life.

One important sign we were told to be on the lookout for is bleeding which could be caused by either chemotherapy or medication. Is there any blood in urine or stools? Questionable amounts call the doctor’s office; profuse bleeding, go straight to ER. During both treatments at the infusion center there was a minimal amount when I went to the bathroom, and subsequently at home a couple times. The blood thinner produces an additional risk, when injured as well, because it inhibits the blood from clotting. Shortness of breath or constriction of airways and chest pains are also signals not to ignore.

God is a righteous judge, a God who feels indignation every day. Psalm 7:11

God is perfectly fair and just. He does not ignore nor He is He ignorant of what is going on, although it may appear like it to us. Remember when the sons of thunder wanted fire from heaven to consume villagers because they did not receive Jesus (Luke 9:54-56)? Jesus told them that they did not know the spirit that was motivating them. God seeks to save, not destroy.

In the book of Matthew there is a parable about tares (weeds) sown in a field of wheat. When the workers asked the owner if he wanted them to rip them out, he told them not to until harvest so they didn’t uproot the tender wheat as well as the weeds.

How would you like it if God’s judgment came before YOU were ready to receive Him because of the cry of some impatient followers? Or for YOU to get ripped out of the ground because some careless workers did not want to wait till harvest? God has an appointed time!

When the wicked spring like the grass, and when the workers of iniquity flourish, it is that they shall be destroyed. Psalm 92:7


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