like PINK

You look like pink.
I look pink? Pink what?
No, like Pink. Your hair, you look like Pink, only shorter.
Ohhh, yeah. Or a military brush cut!
Some of it had started growing back. Because the top layer stayed for quite a while, it wasn’t so noticeable how much had been lost; not until it, too, fell out.
A website said after 2-3 weeks, it would look like fuzz, at one month start growing, and after two months reach about one inch.
Kinda’ like my hair:
For the earth brings fruit forth of itself: first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. Mark 4:28
What does this earth bring forth? The fruit of the Word in our lives. Jesus said the man who cast seed in the ground (vs. 26) … did not know how ( vs. 27).
When we sow the Word of God in our hearts the “natural” course of spiritual events that follows is to grow and produce fruit in our lives. This does not occur unless we study the Bible to get it planted! We can reap a bigger harvest by blocking impediments to this growth found earlier in Mark 4 in the Parable of the Sower and Jesus’ explanation.

I’m not sure where the statistic comes from, but Brother Andrew and Al Janssen state that “in 80 to 90 percent of cases ‘receiving Christ’ makes little or no difference in the way a person lives life” in their book The Exodus Mandate: Moses Reveals How You Can Accomplish the Impossible. How sad! Becoming a new creature in Christ (II Cor. 5:17) and not allowing that inner newness to show up on the outside. When we reach the end of our road, or stand before the Lord, having to confess we still looked and acted like that old man. It is up to us to make sure to be a vibrant flowing stream instead of a stagnant cistern.
Romans 13:14 instructs us to make no provision for our flesh to fulfill its lusts. This means to not allow circumstances that make it easy for us to stumble into unChristlike behavior. We must arm ourselves with the weapons God has provided us. When we clothe ourselves with Christ by putting on robes of rightousness, we act like Him. How many of us dress up for the prom or a wedding and then slosh around in sewer water or play rumble fumble in a muddy football field? No, we feel different and conduct ourselves accordingly.
Start to seek God’s righteous and to build His kingdom before anything else (Mt. 6:33). We all know that scripture, but do we do it? I know periodically the Spirit of God reminds me and shows me that I am not.


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