Pillar of Salt

My consultation with Dr. S last week answered some of my questions about the upcoming surgery and follow-up treatment. Post-surgery chemotherapy should start five to six weeks afterwards. I was not anticipating that this would still include carboplatin, but combining it with taxol would produce optimum results. And, yes, I will need to be admitted for the (now truly) overnight desensitized chemo.
Continuing with an anticoagulant is required for the clotting (DVT) in my leg, however, detrimental to stopping bleeding from an incision. This made it necessary to stop taking the regular pill used to thin my blood five days before the operation and give myself daily injections that would not build up and remain in my system.

Remember Lot’s wife. Luke 17:32
What can we learn or avoid?
Let’s take a look at her life. Even though her name was not mentioned when Lot left Ur and accompanied his Uncle Abraham, we can assume Mrs. Lot was with her husband for much of this story (Gen. 11:31; 12:4). Lot followed Abraham into Canaan, and escaped the famine for a time with uncle and auntie in Egypt. So he (and his wife) witnessed Abram and Sarai’s lapse of faith in God when dealing with Pharaoh. In Gen. 13:1, we see them all leaving Egypt for the Negev (of what would become Israel). Lot settles near Sodom (Gen. 13:12) after Abram builds an altar to the Lord (vs. 4 of that chapter). He gets rescued by his uncle after being abducted (14:12, 16).
Why am I reminding you all this? Because Lot and his family, which includes his wife, have a history with the God of Abraham. They’ve experienced great and mighty things. How did they respond? Lot’s daughters were betrothed to two ungodly men of the city (Gen. 19:8, 14), and not without their parents’ consent. They let Sodom enter their hearts. The angels literally had to drag them away and warned them not to look back lest they be consumed, but Lot’s Wife was already consumed, with the carnality and corruption of their environment (Gen. 19:17, 26).
Why should we remember Lot’s wife? You tell me!


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