Healing is hard work

I’ll spare you details of my pre-op cleansing day, except to say I was on a clear, liquid diet!
We arrived early for our 8 a.m. check-in time, followed closely on our heels in the same day surgery center by PB. He and Carl cackled together till Elise and Alex came in with my mom to greet me before being wheeled away to pre-op.
There was nothing relaxing about the ward where patients are held before their operations. The rolling hospital beds were so close together you felt like you could reach over and touch each other. It was more like a holding tank with stalls for animals waiting to be branded or cows anticipating being milked. A man approached me who seemed familiar, but I could not be sure as I had neither my glasses nor contact lenses. Moreover, he wore a surgical cap. It was Dr. Mac, a resident who had seen me at my worst while doing a rotation in Family Medicine during my January hospital admission. He would be assisting the anesthesiologist! I knew that was part of the divine plan.
Afterward Dr. S informed everyone in the surgical waiting room that the only visible sign of the cancer was in fact not cancer, but the watery cyst it produced on my left ovary. We’ll receive complete results from all that was removed, but a preliminary biopsy on a frozen specimen of the growth came back negative.
Why now? It was disconcerting not to have heard an “All clear” consequential to the ct scan done one month before. The report by itself was outstanding, but not the one I expected to hear: the fibroid tissue had disappeared, the left ovary shrunk from 13 cm to 10 cm. So I had contented myself with another of the seven dips in the Jordan.
Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.
Why not then? I had not worried lying on a table in January waiting to be biopsied with a ct scan before me full of dark images that I knew did not belong there. Remember Dr. Mac? He had seen it, too.
What did God want to show him? I can come up with all sorts of maybees, but, the fact of the matter is God will be glorified in a manner of His own choosing?
Will some say that God has not been involved?
Some will say healing comes from the Lord!


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