Upgrading to Windows 10

Now I know why Microsoft offered this free upgrade! (Besides motivating people using older systems to buy new equipment.)

Warning! Warning! Warning! (those of you who remember the Robot from Lost in Space)

By signing into your Microsoft account in order to download an app, sync your devices, etc., you are giving them authority to control admittance to your own computer as well as unlimited access to all your data.

You may be saying, “What does that mean?” or “So what? No big deal.”
Ask yourself these questions: Do you really want to ask Microsoft for permission to get on your computer? Why do they want to have the information on your phone? How vulnerable are you to identity theft with ALL that information in one place??!!!
“Yeah, but I want that app/feature” you answer.

After unwittingly using the Microsoft account, I created a new user for every day use hopefully to avoid some of that flagrant tracking/policing of what I do on the internet. When I desire to take advantage of anything “they” require you to log in for, I’ll just have to discipline myself to return to the Microsoft user….

Pr. 22:3 A prudent man sees the evil, and hides himself; But the simple pass on, and suffer for it.
Sometimes we want something so badly or we can’t wait for the natural course of events to bring something about that we act without thinking. Can you think of a time you may have jumped the gun? Did it turn out well? I think (usually) not. The worst is when we’ve been warned!

The Bible alerts us ahead of time how to avoid problems, danger, impending evil. Yet we’re so hard headed we can’t bear to curb our desires. God gives us guidelines for our protection! Why do we refuse to heed His counsel?

So we forge onward until we need to cry to the Lord to bail us out of troubles we created. When we take time to consult the Lord in advance like David often did, we can avoid dealing with the aftermath of a horrendous error like he had to because of falling into sin with Bathsheba.


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