When the Rug’s Been Pulled Out from Under You

Working opposing muscle groups

Just because one set of muscles is strong from using it does not mean that all are equally toned. You may have heard that after working out one group like abs that it’s good to exercise a converse section such as your back.

While I’ve had much experience and developed a great deal of patience in waiting on God and trusting Him with finances and providing many needs, I recently faced going around a familiar mountain yet once again. This time I decided that enough is enough. I am not taking one more step around its well-worn path!

Deuteronomy 2 (ASV)

verse 2 And Jehovah spake unto me, saying,

verse 3 Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.

How long do you want to trudge around the same circle? Have you decided that you’ve had enough or are you going to continue in the same rut? God will instruct you where to make your turn. He did me! But, it was not easy to hear…

Submitting myself and inclining my ear to God’s Word in the familiar, successful area was a piece of cake. Did I really want to humble myself now and stop making excuses why this time it couldn’t work, why God would not be faithful to handle this other problem and trust? Try to deal with this on my own strength? Or would I stop the ring-around-the-rosie stronghold in my believing and take the Creator at His Word?

He called me to turn aside to hear Him and “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10). So, I took a step back to look “objectively’ at the repeat of a potential crisis. With the help of some God-placed prompts I took the position if no one else does, I WILL cooperate. Too difficult, you say? Only by wavering in your resolution. That’s why we must arm ourselves with the “Thus saith the Lord” that He’s given for the situation and bring our thoughts into captivity to It.

Tammy Maltby says in a book* she wrote together with Anne Buchanan, “We have to choose how we’re going to live when we can’t see God.”


NOTE: a + circumference

I walk a short distance around a park, but in my musings often loose track of how many circles I’ve made. It made sense to choose a different point of reference than my starting point so that when I come to it X times I would remember the number. On one occasion I looked up on approaching my landmark to see police tape around some basketball courts. Did that appear since my arrival? No. Another trip along the path and I noticed noises coming from someone’s backyard that I didn’t hear before.

By changing how you look at things, don’t be surprised what God can show you!

FYI (in case you’re looking down your nose at my little jaunts)

PHYSICS: Definition of work- Work is done when a force  that is applied to an object  moves that object.

courtesy of physics4kids.com

* The God Who Sees You: Look to Him When You Feel Discouraged,Forgotten, or Invisible

©2012 Tammy Maltby

Published in association with the William K. Jensen Literary Agency

Eugene, OR

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