Starting a Brand New Month with a Clean Slate

Mike Morelli said in Let the Church Rise,

Have you ever heard a sincere believer pray, ‘Holy Spirit, go visit my unsaved love one and save them’ or ‘Holy Spirit, go to China and save the lost there’? It is important to understand that the Holy Spirit is not directed by Christians—He directs Christians. (emphasis mine)

It’s not enough for us to be sincere. We can be genuine, but genuinely wrong in our prayer or praise to God. In a recent service, the song leader earnestly sang a chorus asking the Lord to “Please keep me.” This really jarred my very innards! S/he meant well, but the Bible clearly says that God holds us in the palm of His hand and nothing can take us out!
So, are we going to hold on to sentiment and tradition or are we going to pray the “effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man?” Lets make October the month that we start making our prayers effective through practicing an orderly way to pray according to God’s Word, together.

Have you decided to participate in our live online prayer initiative? I have been fine tuning the sign in for your internet hookup and possible posting on Youtube. We need to hear from you to set up session(s) that can include as many as possible in each scheduled broadcast. An invitation link will be sent out to join via your Google hangouts appointment 15 minutes before airtime each day.
For those who join our contacts, I will send a pdf file of Mike Morelli’s book on God in action, Let the Church Rise.
Ask for yours today at

• Patricia DiVirgilio on Skype User ID jer1.8
Estate Item_


Bud vase, sugar bowl and creamers, candy dish or sugar bowl

depression glass


Ice bucket and tongs


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