Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

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“Christian Origins of Halloween”

This is designed to be used alongside Rose’s Christian Origins of conservation and to brainstorm effective ways to respond to Halloween. Includes discussion and reflection questions to help you dig deeper into Christian Origins of Halloween.
Discussion Questions

(Halloween and All Saints Day). Reflect on how your family responded to Halloween or All
Saints Day when you were a child. Were you taught about the “heroes of the faith” at home or in Sunday school? Who are some heroes of the faith you could celebrate?

Are the origins of Halloween Christian, pagan, or Wiccan?

Are the origins of Halloween Christian, pagan, or Wiccan?

(History of Samhain). There’s a common misconception that All Saints Day was

created to Christianize a pagan holiday. How would you explain what experts

have found to a friend? Does this change the way you view Halloween? Explain.

About Halloween 2

(Misunderstanding the Afterlife). How did Christians in the

Middle Ages view the afterlife? As believers, we do not have to fear the afterlife.

Consider these verses: John 11:25; John 5:24; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18;

Romans 8:38-39; 1 Corinthians 15:54.

(Reformation Day). Why did Martin Luther post his Ninety-Five Theses on the

door of All Saint’s Church on October 31, 1517? Reflect on the gospel and what

Jesus has done for you on the cross. Then, think about the concept of

indulgences. In your own words, what are the shortcomings of indulgences
compared to the cross?

(The Light of the World). Review the 3 creative ways you can shine during the

darkness of Halloween. Which one are you mostly likely to try this year? Are

there any other ways you can shine during this time?

(Afterlife in the Protestant View). Re-read Luke 23:43 about Jesus and the

criminal on the cross and Psalm 103:10-12. How does the concept of purgatory

differ from what these verses say?

(Halloween Symbols and Traditions). Why do you think there is such a

fascination with communicating with the dead? What are some promises in the

Bible that we can share with those seeking answers about life and death?

(Trick or Treating). When you were a child, did you go trick-or-treating? How

was trick-or-treating originally connected to a misunderstanding of the afterlife?

Do you think children should still go trick-or-treating? Explain.

(Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?). How does your church or community

respond to Halloween? Share some of these ideas with your pastors or leaders

and start a new Halloween tradition in your neighborhood.

Discussion Questions (For Personal Use or Small Groups) Refer to Rose’s

Christian Origins of Halloween Pamphlet

Many Christians dread the coming of Halloween, trying to shield their children from every part of it, and wishing it would go away. However, there are many ways that Christians can re-claim Halloween as a Christian celebration. Learn ways to turn Halloween into something positive in your family and neighborhood!


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