Chaplains in Education


Educational chaplains assist school communities to support the spiritual, social, and emotional well-being of their students In religious schools the role of the chaplain tends to be educational and liturgical. In secular schools the role of the chaplain tends to be that of a mentor and a provider of pastoral care services. Chaplains provide care for students by supporting them during times of crisis or need. Many chaplains run programs to promote the welfare of students, staff, and parents including programs to help students deal with grief, anger or depression. School chaplains can also liaise with external organisations providing support services for the school.[1]

For higher education, chaplains are found on many college and university campuses. Sometimes they work directly for the institution or as representatives of separate organizations that specifically work to support students. Chaplains can supervise coordinated efforts promotinging spiritual, ethical, religious, and political and cultural exchange, and the promotion of service. In the United States, the National Association of College and University Chaplains works to support the endeavors of many of these chaplains, helping chaplains minister to the individual faith of students, faculty, and staff, while promoting inter-religious understanding.[2]

With violence increasing on-site at every academic level and suicide rates on the rise, educational chaplains are proving to be valuable assets to administrators and first responders alike.

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