What can YOU offer your fellow chaplains/alumni or ministry-minded friends?

I was in awe earlier this year how the Lord plans and orchestrates the work of the ministry, if we let Him.

I had approached a counselor about speaking at an ICT continuing education seminar this year on the topic of stress, but the logistics were not falling into place. So, I resigned myself to putting the idea on a back burner.

No man is an island.

There must be a balance in our organizations and organizing. While we cannot just leave ministry to chance-in other words, making plans-it is imperative that a Christian program be formulated by the inspiration of the Spirit of God.!

We are

a Body Ministry.

No stars or headliners here! And there is definitely no room for egos…

…even mine.

Imagine the blessing, and testimony, that an ICT chaplain attending this year’s opening event in January had it on her heart to do a session on STRESS!

That brings us to the post title: what can you offer others through ICT?

  • Can you teach one of the certification course sessions?
  • Do you have some necessary skills to share that would help a co-laborer?
  • Are you technically gifted, motivational, or good at logistics or communication?

Rom. 12:5 so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

This ICT post is sponsored by

Fundación Efraín is Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry through prayer, its WordPress blogs, discipleship material, and sharing God’s Word.

Fundación Efraín está capacitando a los santos para la obra del ministerio.



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