Ramifications of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) ruling by

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT-Fifth District as racially discriminatory

~It’s IMPORTANT to know where judges stand-what their worldview actually is-before voting for them and putting that individual in a position to affect how your world runs!

===Prayer_L I S T.a: 14-20 Oct===

World Elections

14 October: Luxembourg, Parliament

18 October: Bhutan, National Assembly (2nd round)

20 October: Afghanistan, Parliament

*Belgium Trip winding down*

Countries / Paises:

S-Lithuania, M-Luxembourg, T-Macau, W-Macedonia, Th-Madagascar, F-Malawi, Sa-

Government Official/es del gobierno:

Your country’s highest office or U.S. President Trump

State & Federal Supreme Courts-confirmation vote

National legislators representing your region or Michigan Senators Peters &

Stabenow/James-election Nov. 2018

Representative Sander Levin (retiring)

Andy Levin/Candius Stearns-election Nov. 2018

Your highest regional office or Governor Rick Snyder (term limited)

Bill Schuette/Gretchen Witmer-election Nov. 2018

Regional legislators or Michigan state Senator Jack Brandenburg (term limited)

Peter Lucido (R) v. Paul Francis (D)

Representative Bill Sowersby (D) v. Lisa Valerio-Nowc (R)

Local/county executives, mayor, council members

Law enforcement & first responders

Pastors, spiritual leaders, mentors, teachers

Añade su peticion en Comentarios…Add your request in Comentarios below

Ministries/Ministerios ~

Colaboradores con Dios en Honduras

Ernesto Talé en Guatemala

Feeding the Need, Passport Cares Inc.

International Chaplaincy Training

Incarcerated Youth Ministries

Macomb County Sheriff Chaplains

Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham’s Rapid Response teams

While We Wait


El acceso a los mapas aquí/ Access maps

Access the comment section below to add your own prayer request.

Fundacion Efrain is Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry through its WordPress blogs, discipleship material, and sharing God’s Word.

Fundación Efrain capacita a los santos para la obra del ministerio a través de sus entradas en el blog de WordPress, material de discipulado, y compartir la Palabra de Dios.


5 Responses to “PRAYER list.a de Oración @FundacionEfrain”

  1. junio 19, 2016 en 9:29 pm

    We appreciate your prayer support!!!
    ICT would like to officially “LIKE” this page, but apparently cannot without creating a wordpress site. Check us out at http://chaplaincytraining.org/index.html

  2. 2 Martha
    julio 5, 2016 en 9:26 pm

    Pido oración por mi familia.
    Necesitamos de ti Señor, ven, ven, ven, ven, ven … Sálvanos, sanamos, tocamos, cambiamos… Tú eres nuestro Padre, todo lo pues, absolutamente TODO…Ven, ven, ven, ven, ven, ven, ven, ven, ven, ven!!!
    Cura nuestras almas, cura nuestros corazones, cura mentes, cura nuestros cuerpos, ven Señor tócanos y enciendenos en inconsumible amor. Ven a unificarnos en ti, amor fraternal, en adoración….
    Lo pido el nombre que es sobre todo nombre, el nombre de Jesus, amén!!!

  3. 3 Susana
    febrero 18, 2018 en 6:30 pm

    Voy a orar ! No se si recuerde los nombres, pero llevare a la fundación y sus ministerios a Trono De La Gracia.
    El Señor les guarde
    Shalom !!


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