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Intelligent design – Creator

I have a lot of time to think (and pray) these days. Because of the clotting the entire length of my left leg I need to sit with it elevated most of the day and don’t move around too much. Taking anticoagulants helps the blood flow, but that’s not what will rid my body of blood clots.
It’s my body itself! The blood thinners prevent further clotting, but over the course of months this marvelously constructed human body will dissolve them on it’s own, the white blood cells “carrying off” the waste.
It’s awe inspiring how God has created our bodies!
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Ps. 139:14


On the road of healing

My study of the Lord my Shepherd, Jehova Roi, this week led me to a verse in Psalm 23 that ministered to me profoundly. Thou shalt not fear for I am with you. My rod and my staff COMFORT you.
Today as I was preparing for my first chemo session, the emphasis switched from the role of shepherd to that of the Lamb. Tears rolled as I saw in Isaiah 53 what He did for me and the covenant He has with His people, with me.
Arriving at the cancer center for our 8:30 a.m. appointment, we registered at the doctor’s office. After a few preliminaries like taking my vital signs and preparing my file for the next phase, we were sent down to the infusion room.
The nurse assigned to care for me asked a few questions, oriented us to the procedure, then led us to the station where I would be spending the next three and a half hours. About 10:00a.m. the IV was started with a saline solution for hydration and something to prevent nausea. Next came benedryl, then a steroid while the pharmacy readied the first of two medications to be received that day.
We were alerted to some side effects to watch for in the first ten minutes or so of the drip, but none showed up! I did experience some restless leg syndrome in the leg without clotting caused by the benedryl. I was quite drowsy, but not enough to sleep. That bag of medication took an hour to empty.
After the pharmacy sent up the second medication, I did sleep for most of the remaining time. Actually, it appeared that the majority there were doing the same thing. I commented that it seemed like naptime in the daycare. This bag also lasted an hour in the IV. We were allowed to go home immediately.
I spent the afternoon in the recovery room at home (my living room) with my daughter who had a few wisdom teeth extracted today. I’ve continued to have a good appetite and no symptoms,
More to follow.


Accept your deliverance

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. Isa.61:1
In the world all around us grovel slaves of Satan, unaware that they are powerless to do anything but his bidding: an up and coming executive, the aspiring politician, a teenage diva, the prostitute or junkie, the captain of the football team. As sad as it is to watch their manipulation, there is no alternative. As a subject of his kingdom, they are under the dominion of their lord.
We who have placed ourselves under the lordship of Jesus Christ serve a very different master! He gives us freedom to makes choices and looses the bonds that once held us.
Why do so many refuse to take off their shackles? After 400 years of slavery in Egypt, Israel didn’t know how to behave as free men. Living for generations in a communist Europe without freedom to choose, citizens of the new democracies were at a loss how to make decisions for themselves.
Are you so comfortable wearing your old chains that you trudge about like you are still under the former regime? Dominated by a defeated foe? Get to know the laws of our new kingdom!
The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.


Your burning bush experience

In Exodus 3, God appears to Moses speaking to him from the midst of a burning bush. What an encounter! His instructions were to tell the children of Israel that the Great I AM had sent him and that He was going to deliver them from their afflictions. Yeah, right!
We have an equally daunting assignment today. It’s our responsibility to tell those in bondage around us that I AM is present to deliver them. But, it’s impossible to deliver such a message without a lifechanging encounter with Him.
Who is I AM to you? I AM your healer, I AM your comforter, I AM your provider, I AM your strength…
It requires a personal revelation. There’s no power in talking about the Jesus whom Paul preaches like the sons of Sceva did.
God is sending YOU with a message of deliverance to the captives along your path. He says to tell them I AM.
Who are you going to tell them sent you?


Happily ever after

Fairy tales. Children are hardly permitted time to make believe anymore. That innocent and magical imagination is being cut short and replaced with stark realism. Television and movie makers have transformed our childhood stories into something dark and sinister.
The cavalry no longer comes. There is no clear cut good guy in a white hat. In fact, today’s hero is NOT such a good guy! It’s often hard to tell him from the villain.
With this ominous cloud covering everything, where’s the hope? The Psalmist declared to his soul, “hope in God, who is the health/help of your countenance.”
The Christian can look to the hills from whence your help cometh, a poetic picture of looking to the One where our strength comes from.
In God, the cavalry IS on the way! Our hero with the white hat actually wears a robe of righteousness-white, dipped in blood. Romans 15:13 says that the God of hope will fill us with joy and peace in believing by the Holy Spirit abounding in hope. Hope comes from God Himself! We can trust Him and rest peacefully in Him.


the fatted calf diet

There are some disadvantages to a BMI of 22! i’ve often been the brunt of jokes for how cold I can be.

Special forces arre not twigs. They bulk up in preparation for an operation to have the strength and resources they need to complete their mission. Although mentally I have a lot of endurance, I’ve thought that I wouldn’t last long like Corrie ten Boom did in a concentration camp or other such situation.

These last few months I had observed how much slower I had become. Exercises and activities tthat were nothing two years ago were becoming increasingly difficult. I thought, “Maybe the effect of my age.” However, other women in the same age bracket seemed to be able to do so much more than me.

I really wasn’t in the habit of paying much attention to my weight. I just tried to be moderate in what I’d eat. While many people were talking about having to lose weight after the holidays, that was not a concern for me. So now in the face of my upcoming treatment I find myself making an effort to put on some weight. Here in January, Christians often take time to fast and seek the Lord in the new year. I, on the other hand, have found myself in the position of eating as much as I can as often as I can. I call it the fatted calf diet, like fattening up an animal in preparation for a celebration or feast.

Surprisingly, I’ve had a great appetite, but it’s not as easy as it would seem to eat lots of goodies and extra protein. It’s something I’m going to need to continue in the coming weeks whether I’m hungry or not. I’m going to need the strength!


Under the shadow of the Almighty

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

(Although my preferred Bible versions a r e the Amplified and New American Standard, for copyright purposes, it is easier to use KJV or ASV which are in the public domain.)

This scripture became a foundation for life when we returned to the US from Belgium in 2009. We were renting my mother-in-law’ s, who had relocated to Denver, house in Michigan. We owned one car and Carl would leave to go into the church. I would spend hours alone at a time in prayer, Bible studying, and reading. Being accustomed to using public transportation for years and inconvenient parking, I was used to walking to places more than the usual American. So, I did get out a bit. More than anything, waiting on God became a lifestyle.

One day, I felt the Lord telling me to pray in the Spirit for one hour starting at a particular time.

I later learned that my friend’s house was burning down at that time. What is more her dog woke her up, enabling her to escape!

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